Elizabeth Carrington Leadership Coaching

Being an effective leader is a unique challenge for everyone in the best of times.? Leadership is not just about execution, it?s about being your version of great. And when you know what your version of great is, you emanate certainty and confidence.

Most of us live in a perpetual state of overwhelm. When do you ever have the time to step back and really take stock of what matters most?? Part of? having a coach is to help you strengthen your unique leadership qualities and encourage them to emerge more fully and robustly in your life. You will also do a very rare thing: take a step back to evaluate if your skills and abilities are aligned with your role. Sometimes we discover that there are a few little changes that can alleviate a whole bunch of stresses that are hard to see when you?re moving at 100 miles an hour each day.

Coaching becomes partially about the foreground (current challenges/issues/problems that need to be solved), and partially about the background (taking time to reflect and ask questions that you wouldn?t usually take/have the time to ask).? It?s a unique combination of input in your life that can make a world of difference.



Elizabeth has been an excellent and engaged guide. Every interaction has sped up my leadership growth and through her provocative questions, she helped me see my blind spots as well as my gifts. Her compassionate and personal style brought an unexpected depth to our work together.

~Christopher Benoit, Co-Founder, COO
Enzymatics, Inc.

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Have you been…

  • Living a life that expresses your true potential?
  • Catapulted into a new role?
  • Troubled by challenging feedback?
  • Given feedback on developing executive presence?


What does your version of great look like?