Things I Wish I Had Known About S*x & Intimacy

If only we’d had a real s*x education in school! One that focused on intimacy instead of just reproductive roles.

Truth is, most people know almost nothing about how to have a satisfying s*x life. 

And most people assume that everyone is having better s*x life than they are. In fact, more than 60% of long-term relationships are only having s*x once a month. 

What the…

Sex is one of the most enjoyable, enlivening, inspiring, creative experiences available to us in this life — and yet it’s happening so infrequently.

People are starving for satisfying contact. Like babies need touch to survive, we need physical connection and contact to thrive. 

It seems easy from the outside doesn’t it?  You see a couple holding hands after 50 years and you think, How lovely, I wonder what their secret is to a loving and lasting relationship. 

In my first encounter with intimacy I thought I understood how to be in a loving and passionate relationship. That was until I experienced the disconnection and disinterest so many couples encounter. Which is when I realized that in fact, I knew very little about relationship.

Maybe you’re experiencing something similar.

With courtship and romance we think the initial passion and chemistry will last forever. And some people can create long-term, satisfying sex. That’s because they know the secrets I want to share with you! 

[FNAME] Chemistry is not a state, it’s a practice. And it doesn’t happen without prioritizing it through action and intention. Once the initial chemistry dissipates, what’s left is an opportunity to create it. But it’s muscle you need to build – think of it as going to the intimacy gym! 

This mini course offers 3 simple practices that when you put into practice with your partner, I guarantee you’ll experience increased intimacy with as little as 15 minutes a day.

Over the next 3 weeks you’ll receive 3 short videos with practices that are small actions with big impacts for your relationship.

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To your pleasure!