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Reclaim Passion And Intimacy In Your Relationship

Do you feel like you’re not getting your needs met in the bedroom?

Do you love your partner deeply, but feel unfulfilled in the area of intimacy of your relationship?

Do you feel hopeless about things changing?

Your disappointment isn’t necessarily a sign that you’re in the wrong relationship, or that your partner doesn’t love you, or that things cannot change. It’s not an indication that there’s something wrong with you.

All Couples Struggle In The Bedroom At Some Point

It’s a pretty common phenomenon. But it can change.

We tend to give to others what we want ourselves. 

And when both partners do that (which they typically do), you ‘miss’ each other in the bedroom. Because we often want very different things from our partner than they want from us.

This is delicate and tender territory. Intimacy is the most personal, raw and real thing that we engage in in life. So, it feels like the stakes are high. But it’s easier to create lasting intimacy than you may realize.

Create Soulful, Passionate Intimacy and Fulfilling Sex

Erotic Blueprints is a game-changer and a true hack to intimacy in your relationship.

When you have a map that allows you to understand the territory you are exploring, the whole experience changes. It’s like having a secret decoder ring for what your partner enjoys and your partner has a reciprocal ring for you. 

Once you discover your Erotic Blueprint it will change you forever. You’ll experience more confidence in your ability to navigate what happens in your bedroom. Even beyond the bedroom.

Before this weekend I felt linear in my approach and understanding of sexuality and intimacy and now I have been opened up to a bigger understanding of how deep sexuality can be and have a better vocabulary to express and explain my needs and desires. –James

Without Knowing The Erotic Blueprints, You Start Out Where Most People Start—At A Loss For How To Find Long-Lasting Satisfaction In The Bedroom.

I’m not talking about the easy attraction and passion that comes early on in a relationship.For most couples that is a given. I’m talking about lasting, sustainable, passion and fulfillment that grows, expands, and deepens over time. 

Guided by knowing your Erotic Blueprint life opens up as you become more in touch with yourself and what lights you up—and turns you on.

You’ll have access to more creativity, more confidence, and more aliveness.  

Communication becomes easier and connection flows between you and your partner when you know how to nourish and satisfy each other. 

The first step is to discover your Erotic Blueprint by answering a quiz.

 Once you’ve done the quiz and ready to take the next step to bring this knowledge into your relationship, we will set up a time with me to discuss how.

Before this I was unable to articulate sexual preference and desire and expected my partner to read my mind and now I am more comfortable accessing and articulating my needs and complexities. –Carol Anne

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What clients say about their experience

THANK YOU for facilitating such an enlivening session today. I was super nervous about attending but you made the whole experience so comfortable and safe just in the way you held space and managed the group’s energy. The content itself was really interesting but the quality of your presence is what made it so impactful and brought it all home. Thank you for that. 

This workshop for me was like going to another planet….I cannot believe how safe and comfortable and supported I felt. I spent so much time being nervous beforehand and it was wasted energy. The space that Elizabeth created was unbelievably safe and solid and that was present the entire weekend. So grateful! 

I am having a hard time even putting into words how transformative the weekend was.