Intimacy Coaching

Interested in spending the weekend with your partner, exploring intimacy?

Reclaim Passion And Intimacy In Your Relationship

Are you struggling to get your needs met in the bedroom?

Do you love your partner deeply, but feel unfulfilled in the area of intimacy of your relationship?

Do you feel hopeless or frustrated about things changing?

Your disappointment isn’t necessarily a sign that you’re in the wrong relationship, or that your partner doesn’t love you, or that things cannot change. It’s not an indication that there’s something wrong with you. It is an indication that you need something that you don’t yet have.

All Couples Struggle In The Bedroom At Some Point

It’s a pretty common phenomenon. But it can change. Really.

But we need to learn how to communicate in a way that our partner(s) can hear us and we can hear them.

Have you ever noticed that when we try to help another person, we help them in the way that we would want support? Or when we suggest a movie to someone, it’s because we loved it and “I’m sure they will too.”

So when both partners do that in the bedroom (which they typically do), you ‘miss’ each other. Because we often want very different things from our partner than they want from us.

And it’s not because we are lazy or don’t mean well, but rather because we have not yet learned to ask what would be best for them.

This is delicate and tender territory. Intimacy is the most personal, raw and real thing that we engage in in life. So, it feels like the stakes are high. But it’s easier to create lasting intimacy than you may realize. You just need a roadmap, and a guide.

Create Soulful, Passionate Intimacy and Fulfilling Sex

You may think you’ve “tried everything” – but I want to encourage you to consider partnering with a compassionate and non-judgmental coach who can normalize what you and your partner are experiencing (and also not experiencing).

Hundreds of my clients have benefited from this approach, and in most cases, one partner had to be “talked into” taking a leap of faith and exploring intimacy coaching. In our sessions (either in person or via zoom), I spend time understanding your exact circumstances and challenges and where you feel most stuck.

We will use the Erotic Blueprints™ as our curriculum and guide. They are an elegantly simple framework that describes the way bodies are wired to experience pleasure. They are akin to the five Love Languages™ for personal eroticism.

As a Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach, I help couples find and understand their own Blueprint – and that of their partner. I have found that this is key to your ability to understand one another on a deep level. When you know your primary Blueprint, you know how to ask for what you want and provide your partner with what they want in order to feel seen, understood, and fulfilled. Having this information is a game changer, when it is applied.

This system was a powerful and impactful tool for me in terms of accepting myself, understanding my needs and desires, and learning how to fill my own cup when it comes to pleasure. When I’m coming from a place of sharing (vs needing my partner to fulfill me), I am happier, more alive, free and joyful. And I’m sure, a lot more fun to be with!

If you’d like to discover your primary Blueprint, click here for a brief quiz (cost is $17). Knowing your Blueprint is the first step–applying this in the bedroom and in your partnership is where the real magic begins. Having an objective ally and supportive guide in the form of a professional coach is the best way I know to transform your intimate life.

If you’d like to explore working with me, please take a few minutes to fill out this initial questionnaire to help me discover if I may be the right coach for you.

Before this weekend I felt linear in my approach and understanding of sexuality and intimacy and now I have been opened up to a bigger understanding of how deep sexuality can be and have a better vocabulary to express and explain my needs and desires.


Before this I was unable to articulate sexual preference and desire and expected my partner to read my mind and now I am more comfortable accessing and articulating my needs and complexities.

~Carol Anne

THANK YOU for facilitating such an enlivening session today. I was super nervous about attending but you made the whole experience so comfortable and safe just in the way you held space and managed the group’s energy. The content itself was really interesting but the quality of your presence is what made it so impactful and brought it all home. Thank you for that.


This workshop for me was like going to another planet….I cannot believe how safe and comfortable and supported I felt. I spent so much time being nervous beforehand and it was wasted energy. The space that Elizabeth created was unbelievably safe and solid and that was present the entire weekend. So grateful!


I am having a hard time even putting into words how transformative the weekend was.