Are you ready to solve your most daunting problem?

It’s really hard to have a life when your energy is constantly focused on solving that one problem, right?

Whether you’re trying to resolve a history of chronic pain, a limiting belief that’s holding you back, fears around intimacy or even old grief that keeps spiraling you down, you are most likely only treating the surface symptoms.

Most solutions out there just don’t get to the root—the true heart of the issue.

The ONLY way to permanently release this pain and frustration plaguing you is to get to the root cause…

…luckily, this new awareness can happen faster than you might imagine

You CAN FINALLY get your life back…

Introducing a revolutionary process, grounded in practical and accessible solutions, that will provide the release and freedom you are seeking.

The Life Attunement Mapping Process (LAMP)™

  • Shines a light on the root cause of your particular problem (every issue has identifiable causes)
  • Gives you new insight and understanding of the true cause (which is the way to true resolution)
  • Supports your new resolve (with a plan) 
  • Gives you the precise tools to eradicate the issue

This LAMP™ session will shine a light on your path to greater aliveness and abundance health.


New Energy…New Focus…New Possibilities…
New LIFE! 

All that energy that’s been tied up trying to resolve that issue is now available for all the things you’ve been missing out on!

The Life Attunement Mapping Process™ is for you if…

  • You are proactive about your health and well-being 
  • You are ready to align your internal compass towards resolution
  • You are an out-of-the-box thinker and open to new ways to solve personal challenges 
  • You are tenacious and will stop at nothing to get the resolution you seek 
  • You are finally ready to eradicate the issue that has been plaguing your life forever… 

The Life Attunement Mapping Process™

A 60-minute deep dive process with Master Coach Elizabeth Carrington & Intuitive Medium Barbara Ferrante  includes: 

  • Your initial self-assessment
  • A written summary with your suggested plan to move forward
  • A follow up-session for clarifying and implementing the plan

Your investment–$497 for single session or $1397 for three sessions.

Register today for this revolutionary experience which will open your eyes to a whole new vantage point.

The Purchase Process – make your choice of sessions and once you have completed your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to a waiver (via Jotform) that you will need to complete before receiving a link to the calendar to book your first session.

Meet Elizabeth and Barbara

Elizabeth Carrington, Master Certified Coach, and Barbara Ferrante, Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner bring combined expertise of five decades of healing and life coaching to support each individual in accessing their wholistic well-being, personal empowerment, and intuitive genius. They use a deeply personalized approach to identifying and eradicating issues that have kept their clients frustrated and stuck for years.

“Receiving a Life Attunement Session was a wonderful gift! Having intuitive guides is of tremendous value and I look forward to implementing and trusting more fully what came through.  Highly recommended!” 


Creator of the Erotic Blueprints, Author & Guide

"I have been working in the field of personal and professional development for over 25 years and have never experienced something so powerful to help me affect growth and change. I am humbled and grateful for the gift of this experience and guidance."


Coach, Author & Facilitator

"I’ve had debilitating migraine headaches for more than 30 years and have tried everything under the sun to get rid of them. After doing a series of sessions with Elizabeth and Barbara they are, at last, gone. There are no words to express my gratitude and relief."


Life-long Entrepreneur