Do You Have An Issue
That Impacts Your Life Every Day?

Discover in a Live Demonstration

How A Simple Life Attunement Session™

Will Provide The Steps You Need To Resolve Your Recurring Issue

Our clients repeatedly say,
“With these steps, and the clarity they provided, I resolved my long-standing issue and now live my life without this #*&%@!*”

*(Even if you have spent more than a decade trying to get your doctor, therapist, coach, hairdresser, Reiki practitioner, astrologer, massage therapist, supplement distributor, naturopathic doctor and other alternative healer to help…and none have had lasting results.)

Our Approach Is Totally Unique.


✔︎ Because each person is totally unique.

✔︎ Which means what worked perfectly for someone else likely won’t work for you.

✔︎ Your body has all the answers. But you need a “key” to unlock them.

We Have That Key.

As my doctor friends say, each of us is a unique case. Statistics and research help provide possibilities but they are not personal guides.

The Life Attunement process is the key. In the Life Attunement Session, we will tap into your subconscious mind and retrieve the answers to the persistent questions that you have struggled with for so long.

This is why we are able to do what most others couldn’t. Without identifying the true causes, and resolving them, you cannot solve your challenge.

Many practitioners approach their client’s challenges with a combination of tests and research and historical experiences of other clients with similar challenges. While we are open to all of that, that is not our primary approach. Our primary approach is listening to your specific subconscious wisdom and providing that to you.

This makes for a very specific and clear assessment of your challenge and a very clear plan to resolve it.

Join us to witness the incredible power of this radical new approach.

In this online gathering you will:

  • Understand our radical approach to understanding any issue in a clear, personal way.
  • Learn about why other approaches haven’t worked.
  • Understand how we’ve helped people finally solve their chronic challenges.
  • Hear my personal story of clearing 39 years of migraines.
  • Witness people just like you and your clients gain clarity for the first time on problems that have been consuming their energy.
  • See a Demonstration of our unique approach.

Lack of sleep? Constant aches and pains? Unwanted emotional swings? Allergies? Feeling stuck in life? Migraines? Elusive Digestive Issues?

Here’s what a couple of people have said about their experience doing a full Life Attunement Session:

Monica Jayne, Self Expression Guide, After Years of Struggling with Acne, Gets Meaningful Results in Four Days!

Julia Gillmor, Marketing Coach, Balances Hormones for Better Sleep in Menopause.

Michaela Foulkes, Fat Burning Coach, Gets Clarity on Gut health and How to Increase Energy.

GenaSis Gough, Pleasure Coach, on Her Friend’s Astounding Results.

This experience was a life changing shift, a path being unlocked. I look forward to continue working with both of these amazing ladies. If you feel stuck, I would recommend reaching out to them.


Julie Reineke-Lawton, Software Engineer/Release Manager

I look forward to implementing and trusting more fully what came through. Highly recommended!


Jaiya, Creator of the Erotic Blueprints TM, Author & Guide


In this FREE online gathering, you will get a taste of what a Life Attunement Session looks like and experience our unique approach to healing. 


And you will witness us offering the clear steps to healing this issue of the volunteer participant. 


Our secret is that we (my Life Attunement partner Barbara and me) are able to connect to your subconscious mind, which has all the answers that are right for you.  


This is the key to understanding and then unraveling your personal challenges.


Join us on Wednesday, June 28th at 6:00PM for a 1 hour demo via Zoom to experience this amazing process and ask any questions you have about how it works.

If you cannot make the time, we'll send you the recording.

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Elizabeth Carrington, MCC
Accelerated Evolution Practitioner

Barbara DiMasi, CHHCP,
Master Douser

Elizabeth Carrington, Master Certified Coach and Accelerated Evolution Practitioner, and Barbara DiMasi, Master Douser and Certified Holistic HealthCare Practitioner bring five decades of combined expertise in healing and coaching that support individuals in accessing their holistic well being and personal empowerment. They use a deeply personalized approach to identify and eradicate issues that have kept their clients frustrated and stuck for years.


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