Attune Your Life

Free Yourself from Your Biggest Issue

Your Biggest Issue causes these symptoms:

Emotional – You feel overwhelmed by emotion.

Whether it’s frustration and reactivity or discouragement and uncertainty, your emotions about this Issue debilitate you from living your life fully.

Relational – You isolate.

You yearn to feel more connected to others but this Issue wears on your relationships and creates disconnection.

Self – You lose yourself.

This Issue consumes so much that sometimes you feel completely disconnected from yourself.

Freedom – You lose your freedom.

You know you are not as free as you could be without this Issue taking all your time.

Energy – You are drained.

You feel worn down and tired because this Issue makes you lose sleep.

What if your Biggest Issue goes unresolved forever?

Elizabeth Carrington, MCC, Accelerated Evolution Practitioner

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Carrington.  I have 39 years of experience living with migraines. When I was living with my Biggest Issue, I suffered for days and weeks at a time. When I was dealing with my Biggest Issue it lasted for weeks, months, and even years. I spent much of my life with debilitating migraines.

I spent up to 3 days a week, every week, in bed, in pain, in sadness, in grief, and I felt like giving up.

Here I was, a seasoned healing professional, unable to heal myself. I felt like such a failure.

I invested thousands and thousands of dollars trying all the things, trying to find The Solution to resolve the pain and suffering.

“Maybe this is going to do it!” “Maybe this will resolve it!” And on and on and on.

The emotional rollercoaster of hope and disappointment wore me down.

You may have these same feelings and fears and feel like you are alone. Your quality of life is low. You know you’re missing out on life.

I realized I had been chasing all kinds of potential solutions from any expert I read about that seemed to have “the answer”. Just google “migraine help” and there are hundreds of experts that have “The Solution”. I tried it all. I felt like I was losing my mind and that it would never end.

There are so many posited reasons for migraines. The list is endless.There are quizzes to find out what type of migraine you have. There are books written on them and lectures about how to treat them.  Not one of those things helped me.

What I finally realized was, I had never actually identified THE Root Cause for MY migraines – why were they occurring in MY body?

barbara ferrante

Barbara DiMasi, CHHCP, Master Douser

I realized I knew someone who could help me detect The Actual Root Causes of MINE.  In collaboration with Barbara DiMasi, Master Douser, we did exactly that.

With my newfound hope and clarity, over 9 months time, along with my Inner Knowing, we devised a clear, personalized plan that included the awareness that I had emotional clearing work to do. We uncovered the exact instances in my history, the exact humans involved, the exact circumstances I needed to clear from my system, to free me of this chronic, debilitating pain.

It’s been two years, and I haven’t had a single migraine!

Inspired by this incredible success, Barbara and I worked together to design the comprehensive Life Attunement Session™, which is the key to identifying THE Root Cause of all of YOUR Biggest Issues and how to systematically address each one.

I keep looking at the medication in the drawer wondering if I’ll ever need it again.

When your Biggest Issue has been a part of your identity for so long, it can be hard to believe it’s resolved and that we have a new lease on life.

That’s what I have now. I’m grateful for it every day.

We want that for you, too.

You want to feel freedom.

You want to feel joyful, lighter, and relieved.

You want to experience the gratitude of resolving your Biggest Issue.

You want a new lease on life.

You want to feel powerful.

You Can!

Give us an hour phone call and your Biggest Issue and you will receive a roadmap to more clarity and freedom in that area of your life.

No More Guessing!

No more getting your hopes up just to be let down…again.

Clarity Is Yours!

We look forward to helping you discover how to be your best!


Let’s hear from some of our happy clients!

Monica Jayne, Self Expression Guide, After Years of Struggling with Acne, Gets Meaningful Results in Four Days!

Michaela Foulkes, Fat Burning Coach, Gets Clarity on Gut health and How to Increase Energy.

Jeff Poole, Home Construction, Recovers Sleep With History of C-PTSD.

GenaSis Gough, Pleasure Coach, on Her Friend’s Astounding Results.

Chandra Bliss, Entrepreneur and Healer,  Clarity in Diagnosing Sleep Challenges.

Ed Ferrigan, Coach and Entrepreneur, Fast Insight and Support for Business and Personal Success.

Julia Gillmor, Marketing Coach, Balances Hormones for Better Sleep in Menopause.

Marti Stany, Retired US Army Officer & Trauma Therapist, Repairing Her Relationship With Herself, Food, & Her Purpose.

Natalie Carrington, Engineering Student @WPI, Heals IBS and Leaky Gut.

I have partnered with the dynamic duo of Elizabeth and Barbara to do some important healing work in my relationship with myself and with my partner. I found the Life Attunement Session to be incredibly clarifying and insightful. Plus, continuing to work with Elizabeth based on the work that we uncovered in the session with Barbara was powerful and healing. I highly recommend their work and appreciate their expertise and shared commitment to growth and expansion.


Madonna Murphy, Creator of Madlee Designs

What an incredible experience I had during my Life Attunement Session. Elizabeth and Barbara are amazing to work with. I felt that I was part of something much greater than myself. When a truth was revealed about something that I had never realized, as much as my head said ‘that can’t be’, my being vibrated with it being true. This experience was a life changing shift, a path being unlocked. I look forward to continue working with both of these amazing ladies. If you feel stuck, I would recommend reaching out to them.


Julie Reineke-Lawton, Software Engineer/Release Manager

Receiving a Life Attunement Session was a wonderful gift! Having intuitive guides is of tremendous value and I look forward to implementing and trusting more fully what came through. Highly recommended!


Jaiya, Creator of the Erotic Blueprints TM, Author & Guide

My Life Attunement session went right to the leverage points that I knew were true by how they landed in my awareness as “oh, fuck, I have to work on THAT?!” Elizabeth held beautiful space and asked thoughtful, intuitive questions. I’d recommend this experience for anyone who is tired of running all over trying ‘xyzlmnop’ and wants to know that their precious time, energy, and attention towards personal development/healing work will be time effectively spent.”


Fauna Gold, Writer, Coach, Herbalist


This sounds too good to be true. Does this really work?

The resolution ultimately is UP TO YOU! We can’t do that for you. What we provide is a guide and practical steps to resolving your biggest issue. You have to put in the work. We will support you in finding practitioners, supplies, modalities, but ultimately, it’s up to YOU. You’re obviously willing to put in effort, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. What if ALL the effort you put in was WORTH IT and RIGHT for your body and your unique situation? You’re tired of fruitless outcomes. Let us support you in getting it right and resolving this once and for all.

This sounds like snake oil. Why is it not?

This isn’t snake oil. You will have to put in the work. We will give you a map for what to do next, but you have to do it. For some, their Biggest Issue is resolved in a couple weeks. For me, it was 9 months. For you, it could be a week to a year or whatever is true for your unique Root Causes. No matter how long it takes, what you will have is the peace of mind that each and every step you take and each and every dollar spent is toward the actual resolution for your unique Biggest Issue.

Like I shared, there are myriad causes for migraines. There are myriad causes for your Biggest Problem. In this session the Root Cause for YOUR Biggest Problem in YOUR body will be revealed. No more trial and error for all the root causes that aren’t true for YOU.

What’s your methodology for solving my biggest issue?

We know that when you have a big challenge or are in a big transition point in your life, there are many factors that affect your experience. We look in the physical realm as well as the emotional, mental, and spiritual realms. Often, what is in the way is a combination of those things. It may be surprising (and enlightening) to you to see what is affecting you when we look deeper together. In fact, sometimes your deepest challenge is a conscious one, and sometimes it is in the realm of an unconscious belief or something that you are not consciously aware of. This is a unique opportunity to see with a very precise lens what is impacting you from any and all aspects of your being.

What is Dousing and how does it factor into a Life Attunement Session?

Dousing is a way to connect with a person’s truth, their wisdom, their higher self, if you will. It’s a way to cut through the ‘noise’ of the mind and emotions and determine what is actually real and true for a person. A master douser can get information that is essential and crucial to a person’s well-being from connecting to the person in this unique way.

And, as is true in any profession and any practice, all practitioners are not created equally or equally skillful in ‘getting out of the way’ and not interfering with the information that is available. It takes time and commitment to this ancient art to develop one’s skills in a meaningful way.

Dousing is a practice, and art,  and a discipline and while anyone can pick up a pendulum, most people hone and refine their skills for years, even decades to get truly accurate information from this tool.

Barbara is one of those finely skilled and honed practitioners. One way we can measure this is with her track record of results over a long period of time. In a world that doesn’t give much credence to ‘alternative ways of knowing’, Barbara stands out as a clear gem in her field.

Who benefits most from a Life Attunement Session?

This session is for anyone with any issue that is getting in the way of having ease, joy, prosperity, fulfillment and freedom in your life. From understanding the cause of your cancer or migraine or chronic pain or anxiety or depression, to how to have better communication, to better sleep, to better intimacy, to how to release blocks to financial abundance, to giving your children more of what they need with your parenting, to being in a major life transition where you want to find more clarity of focus and direction. You can literally understand anything more deeply and clearly and how to balance it.

How much does it cost?

You may purchase one session for $497 or 3 for $1397.

How much time does it take?

It takes an hour and is conducted via the phone.

Who will facilitate my session?

Elizabeth Carrington, Master Certified Coach and Accelerated Evolution Practitioner, and Barbara DiMasi, Master Douser and Certified Holistic HealthCare Practitioner bring five decades of combined expertise in healing and coaching that support individuals in accessing their holistic well being and personal empowerment. They use a deeply personalized approach to identify and eradicate issues that have kept their clients frustrated and stuck for years.