Life Attunement Coaching

When someone hires a coach, they are taking a courageous, bold step to invest in their freedom and fulfillment

What is Life Attunement Coaching?

Many people crave more freedom, vitality and intimacy in their lives. I am your partner in identifying and releasing your blocks to what you long for. If you are stuck in any area of your life and are ready, willing and committed to making a change,  you’re in the right place.

Life Attunement Coaching is a potent combination of coaching, healing and energetic reorganization. It can be hard to articulate, but you will recognize when you experience the results. . This professional relationship reveals what’s in your way to creating the life that reflects your deepest desires and most authentic fulfillment. 

Life attunement can be truly life-changing and pull forth the best parts of you in the process.

Here is a short video that speaks to me of the dynamism of our experience as humans. It’s vital to nurture emotional, spiritual and physical well-being, as a complement to mental health.  A Life Attunement session addresses all aspects of your life in detail.


Elizabeth has an intuitive and direct approach that can help you face the 800 pound gorilla head-on with confidence and resolve. She was able to help me crystallize my thoughts and create an action plan that got results. I wish I found her years ago.

~Tracey O’Neill, Entrepreneur

When someone hires a personal coach, they are taking a courageous and bold step to invest in themself