Sleep Attunement

Deeply Rested: Women Reclaiming Peaceful Sleep

A 10 week program for menopausal women to reclaim their life

Do you begin every day feeling drained and exhausted?

If you’re a woman experiencing perimenopause or menopause it’s likely you’re struggling with your sleep even though you make your wellness a priority.

You seldom make it through the night without waking up.

By morning, instead of feeling rested and vibrant, you crawl out of bed in a fog of exhaustion. Everything takes effort, even simple things like taking a shower sucks energy you don’t have to spare.

  • You’ve tried all different kinds of sleep therapies from melatonin to magnesium.
  • You’ve experimented with C-Pap and hormone replacement therapies.
  • You’ve taken gummies and nearly every natural sleep formula on the market.
  • You’ve listened to the experts and turned off your phone, bought an eye mask, ear plugs, dark curtains, turned on meditations, tried visualizations, even essential oils.

Nothing works. Sound familiar?

All You Want Is One Night Of Uninterrupted Sleep

You feel the quality of your life crumbling and realize the source of your sleep problems are more than stringing eight hours together.

Something is going on on a deeper level — but it doesn’t have to be like this!

Sleep Attunement™ allows you to reclaim restful sleep that is long lasting and sustainable so you can get back to living and loving your life.

I really enjoyed the Deeply Rested experience. I had tried just about everything to improve my sleep — supplements, a good bedtime routine, better hormonal balance and so on. I loved this intuitive approach to creating a Map of what was having the greatest impact on my rest beyond the physical. The private energy clearings we did to work the Map helped move me out of persistent despair in the wake of a big trauma, and brought me more lightness in general. I also began to fully embrace the part of me that gets cranky and irritated instead of stuffing that away or judging it. I am starting to believe my new story that I look forward to going to sleep at night.

~ Isabel P

I recommend the Deeply Rested program very highly! I have a complicated and long history of sleep issues, and I found the Sleep Attunement sessions to be exceptionally insightful and clarifying. Elizabeth’s tone of compassion and kindness as well as her therapeutic skills, combined with Barbara’s ability to listen well and apply her intuitive skills, go far with making steady progress toward becoming “deeply rested.”

~ Marion

The Deeply Rested Program Is For You If You:

  • struggle with sleep and feel in a constant state of exhaustion
  • lay awake at night ruminating and find it impossible to shut your brain off
  • consider yourself a high functioning person but struggle during the days to be productive and pay attention
  • feel surrounded by an unrelenting brain fog from morning til night.
  • have experimented with a multitude of remedies but nothing offers significant long-term results.

Meet Your Sleep Coach

I’m Elizabeth Carrington, I’m a Master Certified Coach and a Sleep Attunement specialist, and I know first hand how sleep challenges can drastically impact the quality of a person’s life.

I’ve experienced the feeling of ‘calibrating down’ to lower and lower levels of functioning and aliveness. Even when I fought to overcome the exhaustion, every day was a struggle. I tried to compensate with caffeine, and sugar, and anything else that might help me make it through.

I also know the feeling of ‘getting my life back’ as I filled up my sleep tank again, and recovered my energy. Now I wake up every morning feeling rested and refreshed, with a full tank, ready to take on my life. (And yes, many days, my face glows…)

Working with Barbara Ferrante, Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner we bring five decades of healing and life coaching to support you. Using a deeply personalized and customized path we precisely and effectively address the core of your particular sleep challenges and eradicate the issues—even if you’ve been frustrated and stuck for years.

Imagine If You Could:

  • go to bed every night and easily fall into a deep and restful sleep
  • stop spending money on supplements and therapies that don’t work
  • awaken every morning with the feeling of vitality and ready to take on life each day
  • live without brain fog and the constant feeling of exhaustion

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