From the bedroom to the boardroom, we all have circumstances that get in our way.

Identifying those experiences and clearing them is the path to helping you achieve your dreams and desires.

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I really enjoyed the Deeply Rested experience. I had tried just about everything to improve my sleep — supplements, a good bedtime routine, better hormonal balance and so on. I loved this intuitive approach to creating a Map of what was having the greatest impact on my rest beyond the physical. The private energy clearings we did to work the Map helped move me out of persistent despair in the wake of a big trauma, and brought me more lightness in general. I also began to fully embrace the part of me that gets cranky and irritated instead of stuffing that away or judging it. I am starting to believe my new story that I look forward to going to sleep at night.

~ Isabel P

Elizabeth has an intuitive and direct approach that can help you face the 800 pound gorilla head-on with confidence and resolve. She was able to help me crystallize my thoughts and create an action plan that got results. I wish I found her years ago.

~Tracey O’Neill, Entrepreneur

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